Why Choose a Design-Build Contractor?


The Design-Build process is the most efficient method of completing a building contract by placing responsibility for both the design and construction of a project on the chosen contractor.


The advantages to owners of such an approach are:



Accountability is placed with one contact which eliminates owners from becoming judge or referee between design and construction.


Team Effort

All aspects of the project become a team effort which shortens lines of communication, reduces misunderstanding, minimizes "phone tag" delays and improves the overall organization of the project. The construction team works with engineering personnel and your management to identify your needs and provide counsel on important decisions that can affect design, performance, and cost.


Quality Value

With coordination of all phases of the project under one roof, the firm has better control of quality and can stay on top of daily construction issues. Design experts are consulted to provide solutions ahead of time thus offering greater value.


Better Knowledge of Cost

Our design team has access to accurate cost information. We build the projects as well as design them, so we have accurate costs based on actual experience. Therefore, you limit the risks of omissions, errors and costs exceeding your budget.

















Design to the Price - Not Price to the Design

Instead of the architect designing a building first, and then the contractor coming in later, the two entities are working as one from the inception of the project. Specifications can be discussed and strategized as a team in an effort to complement the budget and stay within the monetary guidelines.

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