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If your property has been mandated to perform a Seismic Retrofit, look no further than Arthur and his professional team at Private Builders. Three (3) of our apartment buildings were mandated to perform this Retrofit. As apartment building owners/managers for the past 45 years, this is the first time that we have so highly and without reservation recommended a vendor in general and a construction company in particular. Arthur is a true professional and a man of his word. He went beyond the written terms of our contract to complete these Retrofits in a timely and on budget manner. Our only regret is that we didn't know about Arthur/Private Builders when we performed our first Retrofit. Do not make the same costly mistake.




Rowina Castillo



I am very happy on the outcome of my new sitting room. Very nice, concise, and neat work. They are very dependable especially that I don't know anything about construction. I will defenetely recommend them and for any future construciton project - they are the first in my list.






Dean Kilgour



Private Builders did an excellent job on the construction of our new residence.  They worked well with the City of Glendale and our architect to insure that the project was within city codes and structurally sound.  They paid attention to detail, and the project was completed on schedule and within budget.  Our family is truly benefiting from their expertise.

Vanessa Osborne

from Los Angeles



Private Builders did a great work on our kitchen remodel. We took out two walls-- major structural work-- to expand the kitchen. Their work was great and they were so patient with us. This is our first remodeling job and they really helped us learn and be comfortable with the process. I highly recommend them!


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Esteban Landberg



We are very pleased with the work Private Builders performed for our single family residence in Los Angeles. The project was to add a master bedroom to the existing structure. They responded to my initial request in a timely manner with a competitive price and the work was completed on-time, on-budget and was of a very high quality. Good Job!!

Steve Goulet



I met with more than six contractors to discuss my project and Privte Builders was the one that offered the lowest bid and one that I could rely on. The project was a two-story addition in the backyard and demolish my existing low-ceiling kitchen and build a new kitchen with a high arched ceiling. The project was done in a professional way and within expected time. The city inspector was always amazed with the quality of work. Since the contractor had an engineering profession he was able to correct a lot of mistakes made by my architect free of charge. They were in the job site every single day. The overall result: Exceptional quality work! I can't tell how impressed and happy I am with the final result. I would always recommend Private Builders to my friends. And should I have any contracting needs in the future, I will be sure to call them.

Dr. Moiez Khankhanian



You love and enjoy your job. You were very respectful and professional in your communications with me (the owner). I felt confortable that my house and the room addition job was in your hand. You were responsible man and as a contractor you were here at the job site every single day. My addition turned out great because you did your job meticulously. I'm very happy with the outcome and will definitely refer my friends to you.







SRS Apartments



The highlights of our working together was the mutual understanding of technical problems as a virtue of your expertise and knowledge. Your performance was remarkable and the work done on the best possible way. I appreciate your wide knowledge on construction work and compliance with the standing retrofit codes and jurisdictions.I am very happy with your work and you may definitely use me as a reference for your future potential clients. Our tenants are very happy that the retrofit process was completed really fast with the least amount of inconvenience.

Robert Fitzgerald



I'm extremely happy with the work that Private Builders did in my new kitchen. As many of you know choosing a contractor its not an easy task, but after talking with more than half of dozen different contractors I decided George was the one I felt more comfortable with and gave me the best deal.They made the remodeling of the new kitchen stress free, fast, fun and very enjoyable. Thanks!



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